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Having been hypnotised to quit smoking 18 months ago I became fascinated with the idea of hypnosis. I decided to attend a clinical hypnosis introduction weekend. This was the best decision I had made in a long time, not only did I meet a great bunch of people but I had the best laugh in a long while all of this happened in-conjunction with Karl Anthony giving us an insight into the world of hypnosis which, to say the least, was mind blowing. This introduction course was much more than I expected, I decided on the first day that this was the way I wanted to go with my career. I witnessed Karl Anthony lift years of worries and hardship from one woman in about 40 minutes, make a young man shine like a beacon of light with self confidence and lift the hardship of confined spaces from my friend. I was blown over and filled with excitement at the prospect of being able to help people in that way. Karl also showed us the fun side of hypnosis and with me as his subject, I was very kindly given a new name and made forget the number 7 amongst other things. This was the strangest experience I have ever had and most importantly was great craic. Karl's skills as a hypnotist and trainer are second to none. I am delighted and proud to say I am one of his students and look forward to my new career thanks to his guidance and the sharing of his knowledge.

Annabelle O'Gorman

I attended Introduction to Hypnosis Training in June with Irish Hypnosis in CityWest Hotel,

In front of the whole group Karl Hypnotised me with the purpose of letting go of my past issues, Although I was very sceptical initially the results were Amazing and I was able to Forgive and let go of a lot of Anger on past events, so much so that I had no hesitation in signing up to the course with my intention being able to give the same gift to other people and Positively pay it Forward! If you just want to move forward with your own life or have a new career I would highly recommend this course.
With much appreciation to Karl and the Crew I realised it is indeed all in our minds

Joanne Phelan
Dublin, Certified Hypnotist

I recently graduated as a hypnotherapist with Clinical Hypnosis and I have to say I absolutely loved the time while I was training with Karl Anthony and Clinical Hypnosis. From the moment I attended the introduction weekend I found hypnotherapy to be a fascinating form of therapy to explore, and I am still astounded by the benefits and success of hypnosis. Hypnosis is life transforming and the practical training I received has been highly beneficial to me and to my clients. Hypnotherapy was something that I had wanted to study for years so I couldn’t have been happier when I found Clinical Hypnosis, and then happier again when the course content and my experience throughout the course exceeded my expectations. Karl has a wealth of knowledge and expertise and he is a wonderful teacher. It was a fun and friendly learning environment. I am delighted to be a qualified hypnotherapist and I highly recommend Karl Anthony as a hypnotherapy instructor!

Racheal Sheahan

I recently just graduated with an Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis under the tutelage of Karl Anthony. Karl has a great understanding of how the human mind works and how hypnosis can be used to bring about whatever positive changes an individual wants in their life. I found his course extremely straightforward and practical with a high emphasis on using methods and techniques that work in the professional field. Karl is an excellent teacher with a wide breadth of knowledge that he is more than willing to share with his students. Of course the proof is in the pudding, and I can honestly say the hypnosis taught by Karl has certainly worked on my own clients, as well as helping me in my own personal life. The mind can be a powerful tool for change when given the right direction through hypnosis. With Karl the learning curve is extremely high so you may surprise yourself how confident you will get with hypnosis in just a short period of time. Karl and his team are very passionate about hypnosis. Be careful! It can be very contagious

Cathal Shehan

Karl Anthony - a man of mystery. You will surely be deceived by his appearance. Humble, elegant clerk or a banker - don't! He will lave you speechless or breathless (whichever is your usual reaction to amazing entertainment and showcase of a skill of this level). This man (even though of feather weight), holds the power of a dozen gladiators. And what more, he is willing to share his knowledge and skill with ordinary folk. The content of the course is very comprehensive and professional and on top of that, super fun!

Emilia Pachomow 
Dublin, Poland

I had been interested in hypnosis for a few years and then a friend of mine started the hypnotherapy training course with Karl and she told me how good it was. So I decided to go to an introductory weekend. Where Karl showed us the basics of hypnosis but what impressed me the most was how he was able to help people. He was able to relieve people of stress and pain that they had for a lot of their lives. He did this with minimal amount of delving into the details. And although quite serious and emotional issues were being dealt with he always kept things positive and light hearted. I was impressed even more by how quickly he got results, probably in less than half an hour. Also some of this was done while very loud music was playing downstairs which he didn't let negatively affect the situation.

All this impressed me very much and I signed up for the full hypnotherapy course. The course is very good as it teaches you all the aspects on how to be a good hypnotherapist and has a high emphasis on morality and safety and providing a service that is value for money and actually works.

Stafford Kelly 

I have learned so much from Karl in a very short space of time. His passion is evident to see from day one, his passion is to make everybody he meets happier. Karl's abilities and understanding of the human mind cannot be explained on paper, one must experience it. I have seen him transform people’s lives in a few minutes time after time. The training provided is exceptional, every course is an eye opener into your own ability and potential, I cannot wait for the next one.

Daniel Cullen 

I am writing this testimonial as a personal reference for Karl Anthony Curtis. My first experience of his work was when I started a training course in Dublin and during the weekend I spent with Karl I was discussing with him how the grief of my mums death ten weeks previous to that how I found it hard to function daily without bursting out crying it was sometimes overwhelming. During that weekend Karl did a thirty-minute session with me and during that session I was able to let go of the grief and reconnect with the loving memories that we shared together.

Since I've started doing the training that Karl's developed it is evident to me that Karl has deep understanding, knowledge and experience of how the mind works and his unshakeable stand for humanity in his pioneering programmes that he's developed in the area of hypnosis is a beautiful thing to see and experience. It's a privilege to train and be involved with someone who is a genius in his work. His originality has inspired me to have as much master-ability as Karl has a hypnotist.

Entrepreneur , Dublin

I first came across Karl Curtis at a stage/street hypnosis seminar he was giving in Citywest Hotel about 3 or 4 years ago. What immediately struck me was his effortless mastery of the art of hypnosis. How he could easily bring someone into a deep state of hypnosis. Then implant powerful positive suggestions directly into his subjects subconscious mind. You could easily sense that you were in the presence of a hypnotic master. I have since had the privilege of working more extensively with Karl in a Clinical and training setting, which has allowed me to see up close, not only his incredible understanding of the human mind, but also how he uses this deep understanding to affect positive change in the lives of his clients. I have personally witnessed Karl facilitate amazing changes in the lives of his subjects. A personal favourite of mine was how he removed a lifetime fear of enclosed spaces for one of his trainees in 7 minutes! Yes 7 minutes!

His talents and abilities are truly inspiring and have brought so much joy, confidence and happiness to so many lives. He comes with my highest recommendation.

Gabrielle Mc Gee 
Psychotherapist, Life Coach and Entrepreneur

Hi I would like to say Karl Anthony deserves to be rated as the best in the world in his profession as a hypnotist. He has a huge understanding of the power that lies within the human mind and has successfully changed the lives of so many people on all levels. I personally feel very privileged to have benefited from his expertise not only in sessions but also his trainings. I feel honoured to have received such a high standard of training as a hypnotist due to Karl's unfaltering help and encouragement. When I entered into the world of hypnosis and began training it seemed like too big a step for me but with the large amount practical training through Karl s guidance, I was not only able to complete the course but had the confidence to go on to practice this fantastic therapy to such a very high, world-class standard. All training was delivered in a highly professional manner while each student received individual attention.

As a result I now operate the very successful Irish Hypnosis clinic in Naas and I know I could not have achieved this without Karl's help.

I would urge anyone looking for training in this field, either personally or professionally, to look no further and to just get on board with the very best.

Thank you Karl Anthony

Florence Bray 
Clinical Hypnotherapist/Wicklow

I’m delighted to take this opportunity to email you this testimonial to say how much I’ve appreciated working with you on your courses, and in our various chats and discussions on “the human condition” and hypnotherapy in general. I’ve been deeply impressed with your insights into what makes people tick, and the practical applications you’ve developed to help people to overcome their issues, fears, and limiting beliefs

Alan Treacey 
3 Mobile Technician

As an initially pessimistic witness to the positive effects of hypnosis on the average person, and after baring witness to the power and tangibility of the long misunderstood practice on a personal level, I am now a firm recruit. So much so that I have embarked on a course of study in the area under Karl's tuition.

Karl's abilities are both genuine and astounding, and I am quite sure that with regard to Karl's long-held interest, insight, and predictions for future applications in the area of hypnosis in all areas of life, that I have only observed the tip of the iceberg.

As an intuitive hypnotherapist, Karl is immediately able to put his clients at ease. He is both pleasant and professional, and is able to provide empathy as well as reassurance to his clients. Karl's sharp intellect, understanding of the human mind and his demonstrations of the potential for positive change are, at the very least, an inspiration.

Karl's tutoring provides an excellent level of practical training in hypnotherapy never before provided in Ireland. As a teacher he is encouraging and honest, as well as respectful, always seeking the permission of his client before proceeding with a demonstration in the classroom situation.

Karl is so obviously passionate in his belief that hypnotherapy elicits long-term positive change in people's lives in a short space of time, and in a relatively inexpensive way in comparison to other methods, that it shines through in all of his efforts.

On the forefront of his area of expertise, Karl Anthony is setting the pace.

Charmaine Rola 

Having decided to attended a 2 day introduction on hypnosis with my friend I wasn't quite sure what to expect, well to say I was amazed as to what I witnessed over them 2 days. To see one woman have worries and fears of over 40 years basically erased away was a very emotional thing to see. Then to watch a young guy with confidence issues go from not saying very much to chatting away to people was quite overwhelming. Then too add to it all I then had Karl change my life as to say I suffered from anxiety and fear of been in enclosed spaces was an understatement which had been made worse after getting stuck in a lift while on holidays and my fear had intensified ten times more. Basically after 15 mins of hypnosis I was walking towards a lift and got in no problem and felt so relaxed as I did. I can't thank Karl enough for the change this has made too my life and I have since got in and out of lifts on my own with no fear or panic at all. So once again Karl thank you.

Liz Doyle

I literally jumped at the opportunity to express how much this man "Karl Anthony" has influenced my life in the most positive way imaginable.. in as little time as 35mins this man removed all negativity from my life and in a very emotional and equality powerful regression this wonderful man systematically took me through past events in my life through my timeline that had caused me to suffer greatly throughout my life; events that have never had resolution.. As a trainer Karl is unsurpassed and is revered world wide, I cannot find words worthy enough to express Karl Anthony's knowledge & understanding of the human mind.. I am without reservation when I say that for anybody who is fortunate enough to ever be blessed to be in Karl’s presence either through a training event or on a personal level, I'd say to you. You are without doubt in the presence of the master.. Sit up, pay close attention, & enjoy learning with Karl Anthony.

Wayne Hennessey 
Clinical Hypnotherapist/Navan

I can't recommend Karl Anthony enough on himself as a person he is a gentleman and as a professional he is at the top of his game rewriting the book as they say, and when I say I've had my eyes opened, that's an understatement.

I had a session with Karl about specific issues I was having as we all have to one point or another but what was going on in my head was ruining my life in a bad way and after our session I can truly say with my hand on my heart that I have a ton of stress lifted from myself and have a hole new outlook on life, I can finally see that nothing in this life is PERSONAL!! And that I've turned the corner and really wished I had done this earlier in my life as I wouldn't have been carrying the weight of the world around my shoulders for years and years which was effecting my physical and mental health to say the least!!

His techniques and experience and how he delivers unlike many out there and to anyone who is interested in the clinical hypnosis world for study/career or just for personal help this is the "man to see"

Eamon Cooke 
Derry, N Ireland

I have been tutored by and trained with Mr Karl Anthony Curtis at Clinical Hypnosis. The level of knowledge and the practical application of Karl's know how and understanding of Hypnotherapy are second to none. He has a way of encouraging and getting the very best from both clients and potential trainees that makes everybody really feel at ease to maximise their true potential. I highly recommend Karl Curtis as a professional hypnotherapist and as a tutor of exceptional quality who operates only to the highest standards

Brendan Hoolan 
Clinical Hypnotherapist, Limerick                 

I studied and qualified in Hypnosis with Karl Anthony. I say he is the reason I actually set up my hypnosis business. I thought in the early stages, this looks like something I cans study but probably really won't do. Well I have done it. The reason I believe is the passion that Karl puts into his work, his belief that anyone can change anything they want and he fervently does all he can to facilitate the process for those who want to change. He works with students until they get it. He has a no nonsense approach which I found refreshing. I am a very analytical person and very much about the science of things The biggest thing I learned from Karl is that anything is truly possibe and there are no limits to the mind. This is well projected with in the course and makes perfect sense. He is encouraging, practical, an happy to assist any one serious about what they are doing

Mary K Anderson 
Vibrational Institute

Definitely one the most interesting people I have met!

Friendly and professional, Karl has an easy approach and interaction with people, catching and holding everybody's attention at all time. His strong confidence is reassuring and his passion in what he does is overwhelming.

The way he's able to bring people in deep trance within seconds can't not leave you speechless!

The time spent with him during the training is also good fun and feeds curiosity and interest in regards to such a great, deep, mysterious area such as human mind.

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